12th March 1945 the Death of Anne Frank

“I live in a crazy time.”

Today is the date attributed to the death of Anne Frank. But the exact date is of course unknown, for the 15-year-old Jewish diarist was just one of some 18,000 to die from the typhus epidemic that spread like wildfire through Bergen-Belsen during March 1945, as the overcrowded concentration camp struggled to cope with the influx of Jewish prisoners from the east in the face of the Soviet advance. And as the Nazi war machine collapsed, its infamous and obsessive record-keeping gave way to disorder. So, all that is known for certain about the death of Anne Frank is that it was sometime around this date, her body thrown into a mass grave. For two years, she and her family evaded extermination hidden in the Secret Annex. Following their capture and arrest, she evaded the human infernos of Auschwitz before being relocated to Bergen-Belsen. But by March 1945, Anne Frank had finally lost that unsullied hope that would someday inspire millions. Her mother had remained in Auschwitz, where she died of starvation. Just weeks earlier, her sister Margot died of dysentery in front of Anne’s eyes. Unaware that her father was still alive, and so without anything left to live for, Anne threw off her lice- and flea-ridden prison garb, wrapped her emaciated naked body in a blanket, and died alone. Just three weeks later, on 15th April 1945, the British liberated Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank is one of the most enduring figures to emerge from the Nazi Holocaust. Her poignant account of the greatest evil imaginable revealed a gifted writer and profound thinker who humanised the inhumane. From beyond that unidentified mass grave near Bergen-Belsen, she became one of the most powerful voices of the twentieth century. And so, while we regrettably cannot know the exact date of her heartbreaking demise, let us nevertheless take this opportunity to remember and salute her.

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13 Responses to 12th March 1945 – the Death of Anne Frank

  1. Tony says:

    That’s a nice photo of Anne. I recently read the unexpurgated version of her diary (the version I read at school having been edited by her father) and was heartened by her maturity, intelligence and sense of mischief. She definitely had a literary talent and we can only wonder what she might have produced if she had lived.

  2. LIL PRINCESS says:

    it just makes so sad to hear that a 15 year old girl had died all alone man she was so fuken innocent this might sound stupid but i wish to go back in time and change all the suffering to happiness starting with anne frank all my love goes to all the people who passed away so innocently. REST IN PEACE!

  3. Daleep singh says:

    I read whole story of anne frank and found she is strongest girl ever i know. I want to meet her but its impossible i known if any machine is made to go in past then i would surly help anne…..

  4. AE Lee Straut says:

    Anne was beautiful.I read whole story of anne frank and found she is strongest girl ever i know. I want to meet her but its impossible i known if any machine is made to go in past then i would surly help anne…..

  5. Emily says:

    I love anne frank when I grow up I want to become a writer like books storys stuff like that and I have a diary name Gracie I write alot of things in there like privite and what I do stuff like that

  6. Benni7979 says:

    This is so sad. I have been reading about Anne since may of this year, and its heartbreaking to know she almost made it. R.I.P. peace

  7. ALEX says:

    That is so sad i wish Hitler was not such a mean man.That was not fare how he blamed the jews for everything just because his dislike of them.Anne Frank stood strong for o long time going through this and that’s all that matters.I’m so glad i read her book i hope i can grow up to be strong like her.She really touched my heart.

  8. FAITH says:

    I have read the story and seen all movies and etc. WHAT a girl so still in her mind was as she’s lived a life time in only to be 15 years old, SHE’S a strong minded willingly left a big apart of her with me and for all, she taught me no matter what you can, be strong and be tough. I WOULD being able to be save as many people, even if I died trying to, I would. 60 million women & children & men died on the count of a evil asshole, who hated people. HILTER SHOULD’VE DIED IN WW1 MAYBE THIS AWLFUL, EVIL ASSHOLE NEVER CAME IN POWER.

  9. Lanark says:

    Anne Frank lives on… read “The Ghost Writer” by Philip Roth. Chilling. Very funny.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I recently read that it was Anne Frank´s father who wrote the diary – the ballpoint used to write it was found to have been manufactured after 1945…

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