12th October 1492 Christopher Columbus “Discovers America”

Massacre of Arawaks

At 2am on October 12th 1492, a sailor aboard the Pinta by the name of Rodrigo de Triana shouted, “Tierra! Tierra!”  For his sighting of land, he should have received a yearly pension for the rest of his life. But the Admiral of the three-ship fleet would later tell his benefactors, Ferdinand and Isabella, that he’d seen a light the evening before and claimed the reward for himself. Thus, inauspiciously, began Christopher Columbus’s “discovery” of the New World – the anniversary of which is celebrated annually in America, even though Christopher Columbus never once set foot on the land that would become the United States. What Americans are in truth celebrating is Columbus’s discovery of Guanahani in the Bahamas – and the subsequent rape and plunder of it and the surrounding islands, as well as the enslaving and genocide of its indigenous people.

Christopher Columbus, this so-called hero worthy of a federal holiday, was in fact the first European slave trader of the Americas, responsible for the deaths of millions of “Indians” and the complete eradication of the Arawaks  – the friendly natives who excitedly swam out to greet the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, and willingly shared with the Europeans all that they had. Believing he’d reached Asia and driven by his lust for gold, Columbus soon betrayed his hosts’ kindness: when the Indians were unable to collect the quantities of gold Columbus demanded, their hands were cut off and they bled to death. When it became clear there was no abundance of gold, the islands were raided for slaves; women and girls as young as ten were taken for sex and labour, while the men were either worked to death or sent back to Castile – where most died en route from hitherto unknown European diseases. By 1650, all of the Arawaks would be dead.

Parents: if your children believe that “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and “discovered America” – please, tell them the truth.

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  1. Julian says:

    Maybe you’ll find this interesting, http://www.thecanaryeffectmovie.com if you’re not already aware of it that is.

  2. DStroire says:

    Wow, this does deserve mention.

    Being that today is the 135th birthday of Aleister Crowley, I was actually hoping to see some remarks about him here. Although I’m sure there is much the Cope family could criticize about this complex character, he certainly is an important figure in 20th Century counter-cultural history. Perhaps too much has been written on this man already, but I’m curious to know what the Copes think about him and his legacy.

  3. Aishah Bowron says:

    Christopher Columbus is not the real discoverer of America, the Vikings did !. Leif Eriksson discovered Newfoundland in Canada while Chris only reached only a few tiny islands in the Caribbean. Leif Eriksson is the best !. Christopher Columbus sucks !. Columbus is no explorer !. He is a criminal and an evil genocidal murderer !.

    • Aishah, the Vikings didn’t discover it either. This land had already been discovered thousands of years before that. Leif Eriksson was just a visitor to an already discovered and populated land full of nations that had existed for millenniums.

      • Seth says:

        He should be credited with the discovery because he was the first person to discorver it was there for early Eastern European people. If we are going with your definition or discorvery then no one would have every discorvered anything

  4. dawn k. says:

    Columbus made us what we are today.He is the one that discovered America.Be thankful.

  5. rakeem says:

    thats realy a crualty thing to do to the friendly peaple who came to greet them with peace and grattitude so the pinta’s should be killed.

  6. when they killed them i know they felt some tipe of way iknow they felt some type of way

  7. Isabel La Catolica says:

    Give Thanks to Columbus and stops inventing lies.

    Feliz día de la hispanidad. ¡Viva España!

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