22nd November 1990 Thatcher Resigns

Twenty-seven years ago today, Margaret Thatcher ran crying from 10 Downing Street to a waiting car, having just announced her resignation as Prime Minister of Britain after being forced out of the leadership of the Conservative Party by her own cabinet. That her own downfall was the one and only time she displayed such unbridled emotion is so characteristic of the Iron Lady who, during her 11-year reign, showed no concern for the suffering of others. “There is no such thing as society,” she infamously declared. And her callous creed of greed resulted in wide-scale privatisation – including the selling off and selling out of the entire coal industry, the decimation of the manufacturing industry, the subjugation of trade unions, and the doubling of unemployment and inflation. The roots of today’s financial chaos can be directly traced to the policies she introduced to restructure Britain’s industry and economy to favour private and corporate interests.

The anniversary of Thatcher’s resignation is a date to celebrate and savour. For not only did she have to suffer the ignominious betrayal of her lacklustre cabinet underlings whose opinions she’d long ago presidentially brushed aside, but her demise was in truth ultimately orchestrated by the British people, whom she’d grossly underestimated when – against all advice – she imposed upon them her obscene Poll Tax. Less than eight months after the introduction of this detested levy, which effectively shifted the tax burden from the rich to the poor, a nationwide campaign of mass non-payment, protests and riots led to the toppling of one of the most powerful prime ministers in British history.

Amidst celebrations on the streets of London, Julian and I secured an Evening Standard poster announcing the news that Thatcher had ‘quit’. But she did not quit. She was booted out. And we had the poster framed as a permanent reminder of a great victory for the people of Britain whose collective will resulted in the defeat of a True Cunt.

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14 Responses to 22nd November 1990 – Thatcher Resigns

  1. LOL! Ha ha ha. Love the sign off, Dorian!

  2. Irma says:

    A True Cunt indeed…

  3. journeyman says:

    Too right – she didn’t jump, she was pushed. By millions of us – and in times like these that’s one anniversary definitely worth celebrating !

  4. Son of A Bob says:

    True celebration. And one day we should also hope to “tramp the dirt down” on the fucker

  5. NomadUK says:

    Dorian’s article is lovely, but, somehow, I think this is unbeatable.

  6. Paul Wyrd says:

    Well said. I’d say may she rot in Hel, but I think Hel is too nice a place for her.

  7. Stavmax says:

    I rather miss the old girl. Her policies may have been unpopular, but at least she had some. Unlike the last three idiots we have had to suffer!

  8. MARGARET 4 EVER says:

    Typical historical revisionism from a socialist loser like you

  9. Gyrus says:

    Well, you know, you’ve at least got to respect someone with principles. With moral fibre. Someone who sticks to their guns, who has clear values, and doesn’t sacrifice any of them to the ebb and flow of circumstance, least of all to self-serving parasitism and the preference for scrounging off hard-working tax-payers instead of standing on their own two feet!

    Oh, hang on

    Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has claimed £535,000 of taxpayers’ money over the last five years, government records have shown. Baroness Thatcher, 86, who makes rare public appearances and suffers poor health, was paid from the public duties cost allowance available to ex-PMs.

    I’m sure she earned it, “answering letters and attending public events”…

    Or maybe she’s just a Cunt.

  10. Thescotsman says:

    Stimulate the grey matter – shoot her in the head.


  11. Now let’s get on with booting Cameron out the same way!

  12. Tony says:

    She’ll need to have a stake through the heart (assuming she has one) just to make sure.

  13. kcb says:

    And here we are 30 years further still and things are worse. The private interests, that the “cunt” Thatcher served, are even more powerful and wealthier. But they’ve learned and this time they are using debt and austerity to transfer wealth up the ladder. Sadly the Brits that protested the Poll Tax are long gone and now just sit around in the cold waiting for the ever shrinking Dole Check to arriver or rub their hands as their house price rises.

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