15th May 1940 the First McDonald’s

We have come for your children

Today we recall with epic sadness that dreadful disastrous day 78 years ago when the first McDonald’s hamburger restaurant opened for service in San Bernadino, California. The extraordinary trajectory of McDonald’s flight to world infamy these past seven decades embodies perfectly postwar America’s deceitful appropriation of Germany’s national socialism; its government’s determination to provide provide provide for its molly-coddled masses allowed, nay turned into missions the American food corporations’ exploitation of less powerful and often Third World resources.  But of all these sinister corporations, McDonald’s is the creepiest of all – peddling their virtual meals by festooning them with kiddie crap, the horrifying Ronald McDonald a Baldur von Schirach for his age. Seventy-five years of McDonald’s restaurants. My youngest daughter once had to piss in one in Greece.

[Written by Julian Cope]


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