24th January 1965 the Death of Winston Churchill

Mad Enough

Today we are duty bound to remember that dreadful old scoundrel, Winston Churchill, who died on this day in 1965. Racist, royalist, aristocrat, misogynist, opposer of women’s rights, deployer of army weapons against striking miners even; who knows the scores of ways a human being could find to hate this man? Without Winston Churchill, however, we Brits would most certainly have avoided our moral obligation to challenge the grotesque behaviour of Adolf Hitler and his revolting Nazi Party. Unlike Parliament’s more so-called ‘decent’ MPs, Churchill alone was himself enough of a pervert to anticipate up which blind alleys Hitler’s hoodlums might divert the resources of Germany’s helpless, defeated, betrayed people. So don’t call me a Churchill lover, because I hate the bastard. That he defeated Hitler is because he was himself a fellow World Baddie but had heavier friends. Nevertheless, we are today obliged to note the great favour which this colossal madman did for humanity by daring to think of Adolf Hitler as a man, thereby unraveling the Nazis and clocking that they could be beaten.

[Written by Julian Cope]

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